Catch A MouseTM
The first Ecofriendly &
Humane "live catch & release"  Mouse Trap
2. Set, Bait and Catch with peanuts or peanut butter

You Can Make a Difference,   
one bottle at a time by recycling and reusing your empty plastic beverage bottles!
Did You Know?
American’s throw away more than 2.5 million plastic water and soda bottles every hour! That’s more than 60 million bottles that enter our landfills every day!
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Give plastic bottles a second life, reduce waste and help to increase conservation awareness.
3. Rotate the cheese-shaped entrance for Humane "touch free" Live Release.
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CATCH-A-MOUSE the Friendly Way 
By Maggie Reed 

Leave it to a Wisconsinite to find a way to attach a piece of plastic cheese to an empty bottle to rid your place of mice.

Green Bottle USA is a small company started by Bryan Muche and his two daughters. Together they provide a way to not only conserve and recycle our material resources, but also help out our animal resources.

Green Bottle USA's Catch A Mouse trap is eco-friendly, humane, convenient and safe for use around children and pets.

There's no trap or snap, no pet's paws or little one's fingers getting caught, and no sticky glue or poison.

You simply use an empty plastic water or soda bottle, put some peanuts or peanut butter inside as bait and attach the cheese wedge entrance. Mice go into the cheese entry and can't get out of the bottle.

Once inside, it seems they feel comfortable and safe. They nibble on the bait and become relaxed — they often even fall to sleep.

Once you've caught the mouse, you can take it away from your home and back to its outdoor environment.

To release mice, rotate the trap upside down and off they scamper, avoiding the "ick" factor of having to actually touch the rodents.
Another plus, you're being green. Studies show that Americans throw away more than 60 million plastic bottles a day. Catch A Mouse gives those bottles, and mice, a second chance. "We know that we aren't going to save the planet by keeping a few plastic bottles out of the waste stream," Muche said. "But I tell my kids even little changes can make a big difference, especially when it comes to conservation."


Clean & Easy to Use...

1. Recycle & Reuse an empty bottle

Dallas Morning News
Cheesy mousetrap is a safer, friendlier option 
By ERIN COVERT / Special Contributor

Made from recycled plastic and molded to look like a wedge of cheddar, the trap attaches to the open end of an empty water or soda bottle...


Catch A Mouse tested to humanely trap and release mice.

Chicago Tribune
Handy products for the home
By Mary Beth Breckenridge | McClatchy-Chicago Tribune Newspapers 
Plastic water bottles can get a second use as humane mousetraps with a device called Catch A Mouse.
Catch A Mouse is essentially a cheese-shaped portal that screws onto an empty water bottle. A mouse enters through a trap door in search of bait you've placed in the bottle, and it can't get back out. The bottle holds the live mouse until you release it.

  Akron Beacon Journal
  Water bottles can catch mice

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Hartford Courant
Yes, A Better (i.e., Green) Mousetrap
By Robin Stansbury

In the world of green building, green living, green cleaning, green design and green power, now comes a product for ... green mouse trapping.

The Virginian-Pilot
New to use: Humane way to catch unwanted guests

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