Catch A MouseTM
The first Ecofriendly &
Humane "live catch & release"  Mouse Trap
EcoPest Control

Control Common Household Pests with our EcoFriendly and Effective Traps !

 Mice - Voles - Flying Insects - Wasps - Hornets - Yellowjackets - Flies
     Have you discovered tunnels and more tunnels everywhere you turn, under your bushes or out in your yard ?

    The most likely culprit is a mole or vole. 

     Voles cause moderate to severe damage in home landscapes and gardens by eating flower bulbs, girdling the stems of woody plants, and gnawing roots of plantings and trees. Voles breed year-round and do most of their damage to roots during the winter.

     Moles are active all year long eating earthworms, white grubs, ants, beetles and other subterranean insects. A mole can tunnel up to 15 feet per hour in the process of searching for food.   Mole tunnels are seldom reused so a large network of the raised tunnels dug by one or two moles can ruin a lawn's appearance over time.

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