Catch A MouseTM
The first Ecofriendly &
Humane "live catch & release"  Mouse Trap

Welcome to our Product Spotlight, the place where green & nature friendly products are the stars in the spotlight.  We highlight  the  environmentallyfriendly products you need to create a healthy home environment, reduce your carbon footprint, and make educated decisions about the purchases you make for yourself and your family!

Our products are comparatively less wasteful, chemical free and more natural than competive mainstream products. Rest assured that all of our products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic,  safer for your children, your home, and the earth. 

Product Spotlight
 EcoPest Control  -  Greener Solutions for trapping common 
 household pests like Mice, Moles, Voles, Flying Insects, Flies,
 Wasps and YellowJackets.

 EcoPet - A selection of high quality and ecofriendly products for
 dogs, cats and other family pets to keep them happy, healthy and
 safe. Best of all these products are convenient to use and gentle
 on the environment. 

 Green Garden & Plant - EcoFriendly products that reuse 
 empty plastic bottles to deliver a greener earth benefit. Practical
 gardening and plant products which are a must for any green

 Green Beach and Pool - Ecofriendly pool and beach
 products are a great way to enjoy summer fun with friends and
 family, products that are also gentle on the environment. 

 EcoBird -  A greener way to discover nature in your backyard. Bring 
 wild birds closer all year long with our EcoBird feeders made of recycled
 plastic bottles.

Visit EcoShop Market our online store, to purchase our nature friendly products. 
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